Analytical Database Service Video

Analytical Database Service (DBS) is an MPPDB service based on GaussDB 200, which is an enterprise-level relational database for large-scale parallel data processing. DBS supports on-demand application and one-click provisioning.

Stable and Reliable

ADS supports tenant isolation and access permission control based on network isolation, security group rules, and security hardening items. ADS protects system and user privacy and data security. ADS adopts a high availability design to ensure high reliability of data and systems.

Easy to Use

ADS provides a unified management console, allowing you to easily manage your data warehouses and focus on data and services. ADS also provides sample data and tools to help you get started quickly.

High Efficiency

ADS responds to correlation analysis of hundreds of billions of pieces of data in just seconds. It provides key functions such as OLAP analysis, statistics analysis, data mining, self-service analysis, full-text search, and zipper table update.

Diverse Data Import Modes

ADS provides the Gauss Data Server (GDS) tool that helps you quickly import data. ADS supports data import from the HDFS and relational database. ADS also supports data import using mainstream third-party ETL tools and Huawei DLF.

Application Scenarios

  • Converged Data Warehouse

Policy Cloud Big Data Applications

Converged Data Warehouse

ADS is used to perform data analysis services, such as data preprocessing, offline analysis, and theme-based query.


  • SQL Support

    ADS supports stored procedures and customized functions. It is compatible with SQL 2003, mainstream databases, and data warehouses.

  • Data Migration

    Data with different data sources can be efficiently imported in real time and in batches.

  • Horizontal Scalability

    Clusters are horizontally scaled out without increase of data volume, and the cluster performance is improved linearly.


High Reliability

ADS offers various functions to improve reliability of data warehouse clusters.

PB-Level High-Performance Enterprise Data Warehouses

ADS provides high-performance data warehouse designed for enterprises.

Openness and Compatibility

ADS has comprehensive SQL capabilities and supports smooth application migration.

Monitoring and Auditing

ADS allows you to instantly obtain information about the service usage and status.

Getting Started

  • Subscribe to Big Data Service

  • Access GaussDB200

  • Monitor Resource Usage

Subscribe to Big Data Service


1. Configure tenants and users.

2. Configure resources.

3. Submit your subscription application.

4. The administrator approves the application.

Access FusionInsight GaussDB200


1. Download the FusionInsight GaussDB200 client.

2. Install the client, access FusionInsight GaussDB200 using the username and password, and perform service operations.

3. (Optional) Download the JDBC driver, access FusionInsight GaussDB200 through JDBC, and perform service operations.

Monitor Resource Usage


1. Log in to ADS.

2. Access the ADS console.

3. View the resource usage.

Authorize Other Users


1. Log in to ADS.

2. Access the ADS console.

3. Click Authorize to grant data access permissions to other users.