Hadoop Service Video

Hadoop Service (HDS) is a distributed data processing service based on Huawei FusionInsight HD. It supports massive data storage, query, and real-time streaming data processing and analysis. It also supports on-demand application and one-click provisioning.


Based on the Huawei FusionInsight enterprise-class big data platform, HDS allows deployment of tens of thousands of nodes, isolates resources between different jobs, and provides SLA guarantee for multi-level users.

Easy O&M

A well-developed enterprise-class cluster management system allows you to easily monitor and manage the big data platform and reports alarms upon platform exceptions.

High Security

Proven by Huawei's professional security teams and Germany PSA security authentication tests, HDS is capable of providing secure big data services. HDS provides Kerberos-based authentication to implement role-based security control and comprehensive audit functions.

High Efficiency

HDS supports offline analysis, online query, and real-time calculation for tens of billions of data volumes. It also supports statistical analysis, data mining, full-text search, and streaming computing.

Application Scenarios

  • Offline Analysis

  • Real-Time Stream Processing

  • Real-Time Retrieval

Offline Analysis

Massive sets of data are analyzed and processed, and the results are provided for later use.


  • Large Scale

    Supports up to 5000 nodes on the big data platform.

  • Massive Data Analysis

    Uses offline components such as Hive and Spark to support TB/PB-level data analysis.

  • Visual Import and Export Tool

    Uses the visual import and export tool Loader to import data into the big data platform and export data to ADS or RDS for data analysis and display.

High-Performance Computing

Real-Time Stream Processing

HDS supports real-time data collection, access, and calculation in just milliseconds. Data results are provided for later use.


  • Real-Time Data Collection

    Uses Flume to collect real-time data and provides various collection and storage connection modes.

  • Massive Data Sources

    Uses Kafka to support real-time access of tens of millions of data volumes.

  • Real-Time Streaming Data Computing

    Uses Flink, Spark Streaming, and Storm to support millisecond-level streaming data computing.

Big Data

Real-Time Retrieval

HDS supports real-time query of masstive data based on primary keys (in just seconds) or indexes (in just milliseconds).


  • Low-Latency Query

    Supports millisecond-level query based on primary keys and second-level query based on indexes.

  • High-Concurrency Query

    Uses real-time retrieval components such as HBase and ElasticSearch to implement high-concurrency query of TB/PB-level data.

  • Diverse Data Types

    Supports both structured data and unstructured data.


On-demand Application

HDS supports on-demand applications for big data resources.

Enterprise-class Big Data Edition

HDS provides secure, reliable, efficient, and highly available big data services.


HDS is compatible with open-source ecosystems and supports seamless application migration.

Getting Started

  • Subscribe to Big Data Service

  • Access FusionInsight HD

  • Monitor Resource Usage

  • Authorize Other Users

Subscribe to Big Data Service


1. Select the big data service usage scenario.

2. Configure resources and FusionInsight HD users.

3. Submit your subscription application.

4. The administrator approves the application.

Access FusionInsight HD


1. Download the FusionInsight HD client.

2. Download the user authentication credentials.

3. Install the client, use the user authentication credentials to access FusionInsight HD, and perform service operations.

4. Use the JDK development program of the client and the user authentication credentials to access FusionInsight HD, perform service operations.

Monitor Resource Usage


1. Log in to HDS.

2. Access the HDS console.

3. View the usage of Yarn and HDFS resources.

Authorize Other Users


1. Log in to HDS.

2. Access the HDS console.

3. Click Authorize to grant data access permissions to other users.