Hybrid Cloud vAPP

Hybrid Cloud vAPP quickly and accurately describes the requirements of service applications for cloud resources, deployment networking, and software installation based on user service requirements. It provides one-click application deployment and elastic scaling capabilities for you to conveniently use application services in the cloud. This service is supported only by the resource plane hybrid cloud.

Quick Resource Deployment

vAPP allows you to drag diagram elements onto the visualized interface layout, providing a comprehensive service while also quickly and automatically deploying computing, storage, network, and application resources.

Automated Instance Deployment

You can create or import application templates as needed. The automated software deployment function provided on the ManageOne operation plane deploys application instances with just a few clicks.

Secure Access

The default security group rule allows all outgoing data packets. ECSs within a security group can access each other without adding access rules.

Easy Management and Maintenance

To create ECSs, vAPP directly uses the ECS service. These ECSs are also be managed and maintained through the ECS service.

Application Scenarios

  • Web Applications

  • VM Networks

Web Applications

Web Applications

Web applications require both dynamic capacity expansion and reduction to deal with load changes. Generally, after creating resources using an independent service, you need to configure associations among resources.


  • Flexible Configuration

    You can dynamially expand or reduce the capacity of web applications to deal with load changes.

  • Auto Scaling

    To meet vAPP load demands while a vAPP is running, the system dynamically adjusts resource usage in accordance with the automatic scaling policy set in the scaling group.

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VM Networks

VM Networks

An application instance can contain one or multiple VMs along with all the network and software resources required to provide the planned services.


  • Automatic Software Installation

    If you provision application instances using an application template with specific software configured, the system will automatically install that software on the VM with that application instance.

  • Automatic Script Execution

    If you provision an application instance using an application template containing a script module, you can select the desired script from the available options. The system will then automatically execute the selected script on the application instance VM.

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Configuration includes applying for a VPC, creating a security group, adding a security group rule, and applying for an EIP.

  • Applying for a VPC

    You must apply for a VPC before you can use it.

  • Creating a security group and adding rules

    If an ECS needs to be accessed in accordance with certain rules, you can create a security group for it and add rules to it.

  • Applying for an EIP

    You must apply for an EIP before you can use the EIP service.


You can add a script, apply for a vAPP, and check its application status.

  • Adding a script

    You must add a script before you can run it on an ECS.

  • Applying for a vAPP

    You can apply to create a vAPP instance as required.

  • Checking the status of the vAPP application

    You can check the status of a vAPP instance creation.


You can manage vAPP instances, vAPP templates, and scripts.

  • Managing vAPP instances

    You can view, modify, or delete vAPP instance resources as needed, as well as manage your ECS power supply.

  • Managing vAPP templates

    You can import, export, view, and delete vAPP templates as required, while also using them to directly create products.

  • Managing scripts

    You can view, modify, or delete scripts as needed.

Accessing and Using vAPP

HUAWEI CLOUD Stack provides a web-based service management platform, which allows you to access vAPP through the ManageOne operation plane or API.

  • ManageOne operation plane

    If you are a VDC administrator, VDC operator, or have vAPP operation rights, you can directly log in to the ManageOne operation plane and choose vAPP on the Product or Console menu.

  • API

    Use this method if you need to integrate a vAPP into a third-party system for secondary development.