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Object Storage Service (OBS) is a stable, secure, efficient, and easy-to-use cloud storage service. With Representational State Transfer Application Programming Interfaces (REST APIs), OBS is able to store unstructured data of any amount and form at 99.999999999% reliability (11 nines).


With reliability built into multiple levels of the architecture, OBS achieves up to 11-nines (99.999999999%) in data durability, and maintains an impressive 99.99% service continuity rate.


OBS uses trusted cloud authentication to secure data with support for multiple protection mechanisms, including server-side encryption, anti-leeching, VPC-based network isolation, log auditing, and fine-grained permission control.

Easy to Use

OBS supports REST APIs and provides multi-language software development kits (SDKs). OBS gives you the freedom to upload, download, and manage your data anytime, anywhere.

Application Scenarios

  • Enterprise Backup and Archive

Enterprise Backup and Archive

Enterprise Backup and Archive

OBS provides cost-effective and highly reliable access to storage. Different storage classes are available, reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) while catering to various backup needs.


  • Infrequent Access

    Reliable, inexpensive, and real-time access to storage

  • Archive

    Long retention of archived data

  • Durability

    Designed durability of 99.999999999% (11 nines), eliminating data losses

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Easy Transition to the Cloud

OBS provides full REST APIs and the management console.

  • Tools for transition to the cloud

    OBS Console: enables you to upload, download, and manage data through web anytime and anywhere.

  • Multiple SDK options

    OBS provides Java, C/C++, C#, Python, PHP, Ruby, Android, iOS, Go, and Node.js SDKs, simplifying your programming tasks.

Expansion and Deep Integration

You do not need to plan the storage capacity in advance and worry about storage capacity expansion or reduction because storage resources are
available for infinite and linear expansion as well as deep integration with other services.

  • Scalability

    Based on nearly infinite scalability, OBS provides secure storage for hundreds of billions of files and digital content every day. You can increase or reduce your storage capacity on demand, adapting to your specific needs.

  • Deep integration

    Backup: OBS can be integrated with Volume Backup Service (VBS), Image Management Service (IMS), and Relational Database Service (RDS) to provide you with optimized backup services.

    Function conjunction: OBS can be used together with Simple Message Notification (SMN) to provide extra functions.

Security Defense

OBS provides powerful and flexible security protection mechanisms, as well as fine-grained user access control to secure your data comprehensively.

  • Multiple access control mechanisms

    OBS provides four access control mechanisms: Identity and Access Management (IAM), Access Control Lists (ACLs), storage bucket policies, and user signature authentication.

  • Access logging

    OBS records all requests for OBS. A log bucket can be configured so that all access operations on all other buckets are recorded in the log bucket for audit.

  • Anti-leeching

    You can configure whitelists and blacklists to prevent resources from being stolen.

  • Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS)

    You can configure sharing policies to allow third-party requests for accessing OBS resources.

Ease-to-Manage Policies

OBS uses storage policies to optimize storage management efficiency.

  • OBS Console Are available for you to manage storage policies, and the following data management functions are supported:

    Data lifecycle management: OBS provides programming and policies to set a lifecycle for objects. Therefore, expired data can be batch deleted automatically. If the versioning function is enabled, you can configure a lifecycle policy to delete outdated versions of objects.

    Static website hosting: Bucket policies can be configured for static website hosting in OBS. A static website contains only static content (such as HTML) or client scripts.

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