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vAPP orchestrates infrastructure resources (compute, storage, and network resources), databases, middleware, and applications by using the orchestration engine, defines the dependencies and reference relationships between resources and applications, encapsulates them into products, and deploys them in the service catalog. vAPP provides one-stop deployment of cloud resources and applications you have applied for, improving resource and application delivery efficiency.

Automatic Orchestration

A graphical template is used to describe the cloud resource and application orchestration process. You can easily create cloud computing resources and applications, manage their lifecycle, and implement automatic deployment and configuration to simplify delivery.

Auto Scaling

vAPP can orchestrate resources that support Auto Scaling (AS) and allows you to set AS policies. Based on the AS policies, the system automatically performs capacity expansion or reduction, ensuring the stable running of your services.


vAPP can orchestrate various cloud resources. You can quickly build infrastructure environments based on application requirements and save them as infrastructure code for subsequent reuse.


vAPP complies with the standard OpenStack Heat orchestration specifications, facilitating quick migration of existing service systems to the cloud.

Application Scenarios

  • Batch ECS Creation

  • AS-supported Websites

Batch ECS Creation

Batch ECS Creation

You can use vAPP to create ECSs in batches, which makes preconfiguration and update easier and facilitates dynamic deployment of development and test environments.


  • Efficient Deployment

    A vAPP template can be used to automatically build ECSs with the same configuration.

  • Dynamic Adjustment

    You can adjust ECS configurations by updating the template.

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AS-supported Websites

AS-supported Websites

After AS groups and an AS policy are configured, vAPP works with ELB to automatically scale ECSs based on the configured policies to achieve load balancing and reduce costs.


  • Automated Script Execution

    After a software installation script is configured, vAPP automatically executes the script.

  • Flexible AS Policy Configuration

    vAPP allows you to configure multiple types of AS policies.

  • Load Balancing

    vAPP automatically adds new ECSs to the load balancing listeners.

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Script Management

Provides application software deployment and initialization configuration.

  • Script addition, deletion, modification, and querying

    Supports centralized management of all software deployment and initialization scripts for template orchestration.

  • Support for multiple script formats

    Multiple script formats are supported, including shell, python, bat, perl, and powershell.

  • Script execution monitoring

    You can add a monitoring status code to the script to obtain the script execution result.

  • Sample scripts

    Provides diverse out-of-box scripts to suit your needs. More scripts will be added.

Template Management

Provides a visualized environment for editing templates and importing handwritten templates.

  • Graphical template designer

    You can create a template by performing drag-and-drop operations on the graphical designer.

  • Support for handwritten RTS templates

    You can import handwritten templates to meet requirements of complex service orchestration scenarios.

  • Preset templates

    vAPP provides various preset templates that are immediately ready for use and easy to maintain.

Instance Management

Provides the instance lifecycle management functions.

  • Extension

    You can extend the validity period of vAPP instances to ensure that the instances provide persistent services.

  • Modification

    You can adjust the vAPP instance capacity, modify AS policies, expand node specifications, and modify the binding relationship between ELBs and VM NICs.

  • Topology

    You can view all resource information of an instance in the topology view. The topology view provides resource access functions and allows you to start, stop, and restart VMs.

  • Deployment report

    Resource deployment steps, details, and status are provided in real time. You can view the resource creation process to facilitate fault locating.

Software Management

"Software ManagementManages information about application software. Software involved in software management can be orchestrated in the vAPP
graphic designer and deployed using vAPP."

  • Software addition, deletion, modification, and querying

    Supports centralized management of basic information and deployment information about all application software, including software names, descriptions, and versions as well as installation, uninstallation, and configuration scripts.

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