Volume Backup Service Video

Volume Backup Service (VBS) allows you to create backups for Elastic Volume Service (EVS) disks and use the backups to restore EVS disks, ensuring user data security and accuracy, while also guaranteeing service security.


Backup can be configured in three easy steps and does not require elaborate planning. In addition, the storage space on backup servers can be easily expanded when required.


Backup policies can be automatically applied to cover various backup scenarios. The permanent incremental backup and restoration reduces backup time.


A full initial backup is followed by permanent incremental backups, significantly reducing the space occupied by backup files.

Application Scenarios


Hacker attacks and virus infection

CSBS can restore a server to the latest backup point in time when the server has not been affected by hacker attacks and viruses.



CSBS can restore a server to the backup point in time prior to the mis-deletion.


Application update errors

CSBS can immediately restore the system to the latest backup time point before the application update to restore normal system operation.


Server breakdown

CSBS can immediately restore the disk data of the server before the system breaks down or restore the data to another server.


Local AZ fault

The data can be restored in other AZs using replicas to restore the services quickly.


Easy and Efficient Backup

Policies can be configured for automatic backup of EVS disks. The backups are performed without interrupting ongoing data operations on EVS disks.

  • Online backup

    VBS backs up EVS disks of a running ECS and does not require the ECS's EVS disks to be detached.

  • Automatic backup

    A backup policy can be easily defined and associated with one or more EVS disks to implement automatic backup.

  • Full or incremental backup

    Incremental backup backs up only the files that have changed since the last full or incremental backup. Full backup backs up all selected data.

Flexible Restoration

Backups can be used to perform rollbacks, create disks, and incrementally restore data.

  • EVS disk rollback & creation

    An EVS disk backup can be used to restore the source EVS disk to its original state. The backup can also be used to create a new EVS disk containing the same data that the source EVS disk had when it was backed up.

  • Incremental restoration

    When the latest backup is used to restore a source EVS disk, only the data blocks that have changed since the last backup are restored.

Data Security

Backups can be encrypted and stored in multiple data centers.

  • Reliability

    Copies of each backup are stored in multiple data centers, making the backups immune to data center failures.

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